At 100 years, it’s 100% off!

Starting more than 15 years ago, when you celebrate your birthday at Pacini, you get a percentage discount equal to your age. At age 62, you get 62% off. And at age 102? We refund you $2 – and that has actually happened! For a birthday child 12 years and younger ordering from the children's menu, it's free.

Offer applicable the day before, the same day or the day after the birthday with presentation of a photo ID. You must also sign the bill and enter your telephone number.

Please note that you can bring a cake to a group event. A per-person service charge will be billed to the organizer or a designated person from the group.


Let’s sing for you
Lets sing out with the crowd
Your birthday’s here
And it’s gonna get loud

We wish you well
Wish you love and great wealth
A year filled with joy
And a life full of health

Let’s sing for you
It’s the Pacini way
Let’s sing for you
Happy happy birthday