Pacini takes both health and the environment seriously

· Since 2005, Pacini is the only restaurant chain in Canada to have eliminated artificial trans fats from restaurant menus. This massive undertaking involved analysing over 200 ingredients and was conducted in cooperation with clinical nutrition and cardiology specialists from Université de Montréal Health Centre (CHUM).
· In keeping with the company’s mission to promote healthy eating, Pacini acquired a 51% share in the Commensal chain of restaurants and food products in December 2006. Commensal is the Québec leader in the healthy and vegetarian pre-prepared meal segment.
· Pacini has equipped all restaurants with water filtration and purification systems. The company is thus proud to offer patrons pure, fully filtered water served in reusable glass bottles.

Pacini consistently innovates

· In 2006, Pacini expanded the restaurant franchise at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu to include an Italian grocery section. The latter features a selection of food products imported from Italy, Pacini oils and seasonings, Pacini sauces and fresh pesto, Italian inspired accessories and gift sets. This concept will be expanded in the near future to other Pacini restaurants across the province.
· In 2004, Pacini founded the Pacini Culinary Academy at Bassano del Grappa near Venice where the company develops new dishes and trains employees. To date, the Academy has welcomed 150 employees, restaurateurs, partners and clients.
· Under the terms of a rather original agreement for a company operating in the restaurant sector, Pacini provided support for the production of a music album entitled Mia Dolce Vita by Italian-Québec singer Marco Calliari. Spokesperson for Pacini restaurants and dashing representative of Italian-style celebration, Marco appears in televised advertising spots and oversees background music in Pacini restaurants.
· Pacini offers patrons free wireless Internet access in most restaurants.

Pacini is committed to the community
· Pacini earmarked $1 million for the Sainte-Justine Hospital Foundation, a sum to be paid out over seven years.
· Pacini supports the CHUM Foundation, as well as a multitude of community and social initiatives.

Pacini has earned prestigious industry awards
· Québec Corporate Citizen Award 2007 for innovative practices which underscore the company’s respect for employees, shareholders, patrons, the environment and the community.
· Mercure 2007 in the trade and distribution category for exceptional quality management by a company operating in the retail sector.
· Award of Excellence 2007 presented by the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Human Resources category for excellence in human resource management and development of practices having led to a substantial decrease in employee turnover.
· Employer of the Year 2006, 3rd place finish in the Large Company category and Panel Favourite 2005 in the Best Québec Employer Challenge organized by Affaires PLUS and Watson Wyatt.
· Golden Link Award 2005 in the Franchiser of the Year category organized by the Québec Franchise Council. The award saluted the company’s major shift in 2005, a shift which included a logo change, founding of the Pacini Culinary Academy in Italy, development of human resource management programs, revised menu offerings, and demonstration of sound financial management.

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Source: Pacini

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