Presto lunch

* Menu may vary by region. Ask about availability at your Pacini restaurant.
11 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday Included: all-you-can-eat Bread Bar®

SOUP AND Kale Salad al limone* DUETTOS

Asiago, lemon vinaigrette, dried blueberries, pistachios.

Hearty Chicken and Veggie Soup

Greens, kale, mozzarella fior di latte.

Spaghetti of Bologna

Meat and tomato sauce.

Linguine Alfredo

Cream, Parmesan, Asiago cheese, green onion.

Penne Prosciutto Arugula

Green onion, tomatoes, wine, gorgonzola or goat cheese.

Italian Crusted Cod

Oven-roasted cod, herb and roasted garlic crust, served over linguine with
pesto, tomatoes, green onions, basil, wine, Napoletana sauce, or with your choice of Italian or Caesar salad.

Lasagna of Bologna

Oven-baked fresh pasta au gratin, meat and tomato sauce, Parmigiana Fondant.

Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich

Served with Parmigiana Fries, or Italian salad, or spaghetti Napoletana.

Duetto Americana Pizza

Tomato sauce, basil, pepperoni, mushrooms, green pepper, pizza  mozzarella cheese, with a choice of spaghetti Napoletana or spaghetti of Bologna, or gnocchi Arrabbiata, or an Italian or Caesar salad, or our Parmigiana Fries.

Smoked Duck Pizza

Honey, onion, pizza mozzarella cheese.

Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

Tomato sauce, basil, pizza mozzarella cheese, olive oil.