Pioneer and leader of the catering business, Pacini has eliminated completely the Industrial Trans Fats from its menu. Pacini is happy about the recommendations made by the Group of Study on the Trans Fats.

Since last November, Pacini is the only chain of restaurants in Canada to have eliminated all industrial fat acids from 216 products used in its menu. This exploit is due to the great collaboration of suppliers, cardio-vascular and clinical Nutritionists and Specialists of the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM).

Pacini is proud of the work accomplished with the CHUM, and is even prouder to see that the conclusions of the study done by the Group of Study on Trans Fats reflect the trend that Pacini has taken. These recommendations correspond exactly to the need of the catering business. This Study gives concrete tools to reduce, at the source, Industrial Trans Fats. These recommendations will contribute to decrease the number of cardio vascular diseases of the population, and finally will improve the health of Canadians. The New England Journal of Medicine in the April 13, 2006 issue mentioned that: “The daily intake of about 5 g of trans fat is associated with a 25 percent increase in the risk of schemic heart disease. For this reason, it is recommended that the consumption of trans fat be as low as possible.”

“This is a big day for Restaurants Pacini. Knowing the impact of Trans Fats on our health, we could not close our eyes on this reality. At Pacini, the elimination of Trans Fats produced by the industry cannot be ignored. We believed in it. We took the necessary steps to reformulate and eliminate the 48 products that contained Artificial Trans Fats from our menu – it took us nine months – to succeed. Not only did we reach beyond the threshold recommended by the Group of Study, but we eliminated Artificial Trans Fats at a 100%” said Pierre Marc Tremblay, President and owner of Restaurants Pacini inc.

We are proud to say that, since November 2005, the clients at Pacini can taste great food free of industrial acid Trans Fats in all of its 25 restaurants. The food is always as genuine and tasty, and is made with first high quality products – no compromise!

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Source : Pierre Marc Tremblay, President and Owner
Restaurants Pacini inc.

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