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Pacini is unlike any other Italian restaurant chain. At the head office and at each of the restaurants, love guides the thinking, decisions and actions. We love the food, from the authentic Italian cuisine, quality ingredients, intoxicating flavours, inspiring aromas, textures and appetizing presentations... And we love the people, young and older, customers, community members, employees, franchisees, suppliers and partners.

Pacini is taking good care of you

The love for our customers has led to eliminating all artificial trans fats from our menus, reducing the salt in our recipes by one ton per year, creating gluten-free and allergen-free dishes, and we’ve introduced EpiPens in all our restaurants. Out of love for our employees, we have established a recognition program that has resulted in a turnover rate that’s among the lowest in the industry, year after year. Employees feel loved, and they love their customers.
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  • Pacini - Italian restaurant - Gluten Free Menu     Pacini - Italian restaurant - Each Pacini italian restaurant has an Epipen

Out of love for the communities where our restaurants are located, we have established the For the Love of People program that donates thousands of dollars to various local community organizations every year. Lastly, it is out of love for our franchisees that we continue listening to them, constantly evolving, and remain always on the lookout for the best business opportunities. In every one of our Italian restaurants, love is the number one ingredient.

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Our mission

We are committed to taking care of the welfare and wellbeing of our customers,
franchisees, employees, suppliers and communities.

Our values

Love, authenticity, creativity, family, sharing, fun.

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