Pacini, your Italian Restaurant

About Pacini

Pacini is unlike any other Italian restaurant chain. At the head office and at each of the restaurants, love guides our thinking, decisions and actions. We love authentic Italian cuisine – from the quality ingredients, intoxicating flavours and inspiring aromas to the textures and appetizing presentations. And we love the people, young and older, customers, community members, employees, franchisees, suppliers and partners.


Our vision

Sharing the love and charm of italian cuisine

Our mission

Love the food. Love the people.

Our values

Love (the expression of our caring actions)

Sincerity (acknowledging truth and expressing what we think and feel)

Creativity (remaining open to all possibilities)

Aliments du Québec au menu

Pacini Restaurants are certified by Aliments du Québec, a non-profit organization that promotes the agri-food industry and contributes to its development, growth and influence. Aliments du Québec au Menu is a recognition program for restaurants and institutions that promote Québec products in their kitchens and on their menus.

Grandiosa Lasagna

New flavours


At Pacini, we are constantly creating. Every year we go to Italy and elsewhere in search of new ingredients, new dishes and new flavours. Our search for authenticity and quality has neither limits or borders. On your next visit, discover what’s new on our menu!


Bread Bar®


Second, we’re happy to offer you Pacini’s exclusive all-you-can-eat Bread Bar® in all of our Italian restaurants. Choose from our variety of breads and Pacini spreads, and enjoy the tantalizing aroma and taste of toasted bread on the grill!


Some of our restaurants offer breakfast 7 days a week. Traditional or Italian, gourmet or balanced, for business, with friends, as a couple or the whole family, we welcome and serve you with a friendly smile.

Gluten-free dishes

In the same spirit, Pacini has developed a menu for people who want to reduce their consumption of gluten. This menu is not for people with severe allergies or intolerances to gluten because of the possible risk of cross contamination. A wide variety of gluten-free appetizers and main dishes is available at all times.

Menu offer may vary per region.

Always artificial trans fat free

What’s more, Pacini eliminated all artificial trans fats from its menus in October 2005. This colossal work, during which more than 200 ingredients were reviewed, was carried out in collaboration with the clinical nutrition and cardiology specialists at the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM).

EpiPen auto-injector
fête grand-papa

Your birthday
At 100, it’s 100%

Starting more than 15 years ago, when you celebrate your birthday at Pacini, you get a percentage discount equal to your age. At age 62, you get 62% off. And at age 102? We refund you $2 – and that has actually happened! For a birthday child 12 years and younger ordering from the children’s menu, it’s free.

The discount is applicable:
– Only on the invoice of the birthday celebrant
– Only on the main course, before taxes
– In dining room

Offer applicable the day before, the same day or the day after the birthday with presentation of a photo ID. You must also sign the bill and enter your telephone number. No other savings can be applied on the same bill with the birthday discount (savings coupon or courtesy letter).

Please note that you can bring a cake to a group event. A per-person service charge will be invoiced to the organizer or to a designated person in the group. Contact the restaurant to see if they offer this service.


Let’s sing for you
Lets sing out with the crowd
Your birthday’s here
And it’s gonna get loud
We wish you well
Wish you love and great wealth
A year filled with joy
And a life full of health
Let’s sing for you
It’s the Pacini way
Let’s sing for you
Happy happy birthday